Airwaves (Blast Theory)

Blast Theory is working with a group of young people in the South East of England, who are not used to working with professional artists to create an event about their lives. Building on the groups’ work in You Get Me and I’d Hide You, Blast Theory will develop their outside broadcast platform through a series of workshops and present a new work in 2013.

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Streetwise Billboards (The Patching Zone)

The Streetwise Billboards project will be developed by The Patching Zone. The Streetwise Billboard experience will provide social and active involvement of residents in the borough of Feyenoord (Rotterdam, The Netherlands). The project’s main challenge is to bring together players, youngsters, with a diverse background. Streetwise Billboards aims to bridge youth cultures through playful, physical, and mediated interactions.

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Vocative Media (Translocal)

Vocative Cartography and Cartoplay are mixtures of geocaching and role-playing games developed by Translocal through workshops in Finland and in India.

Vocative Cartography explores local environment through paths of sound and narrative voices. Cartoplay is a locative game, where players collaborate in an outdoors environment to prevent an environmental disaster.

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