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About the Project – My Neck of the Woods


About the Project – My Neck of the Woods

August 9, 2013 at 3:32 pm / by

For divo blog post

Now we have a project title and we’ve met our young people, let’s tell you a bit about the project:

In My Neck Of The Woods you participate online. 3 young people will be walking through their neighbourhoods in Manchester, filming themselves as they go. You can choose online which of the three you would like to have a conversation with, whose questions you would like to answer, who you feel comfortable just being with.You select them and then are dropped into their live-video stream.  You travel with them as they tell you about their lives and as they ask you about yours.

No two conversations are the same.  What they say depends on what you ask, what you ask depends on what they might propose. Or you can enjoy listening to their conversations with other members of the public online and watching their film. Each young person will have their own approach, their own interests, their own unique set of questions and places to explore with you. And when you have been out with them for a while they will suddenly hand the camera over to someone else, another young person will pick you up and off you go again. Each night My Neck Of The Woods lasts for two hours.  You can come and go as you please, dipping in and out for as long as you choose.

This is part documentary, part performance, part live-stream video experience online.  It is a conversation, a derive, a meander into parts of Manchester you may never have gone to before and into places in people’s lives you’ve never met before.






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